Google Analytics: Essentials - Part 1 - Navigation

As shown in the image above, these are the primary navigations when you are in a Google Analytics (GA) dashboard.

  • Realtime
  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behavior
  • Conversions


As the name itself, it is a way of checking if analytics data are coming in or working and if you are serious in using GA there is nothing more helpful beyond that. It would be just an ego boost and nothing more that can help you move your business forward.


Reports that will give you insights into the characteristics of your users. It tells you information of who your users/visitors are like gender, new user, returning user, etc.


This tells you where your audience came from. Like organic search, direct (typing your website on the browser), linked from a social media page, email from one of your campaigns, etc.


Information what your audience was doing on your site. Did they click in one of the buttons of your site. Did they visit another page or they bounced. How was the load time of your page, etc.


This tells you if your audience took your desired action or reports that allows you to track website goals based on your business objectives. Like if you are selling and item(s) on your website, did they buy? Or simply did they fill out the form and gave you an information like an email that turns them into a lead (potential customers).


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